How I Impregnated My Cousin Unknowingly. (Fiction)

Funsho has been my Girlfriend From University. We both read the same course from the University. Though she got a lucrative job in one Private Oil Company.

Funsho loves me very well, I know we are both from the same town but I have never for one asked Funsho the name of her compound in our town.

Whenever Funsho is traveling when we were in the university, I have never for once say we will travel together. She used to travel alone to our town.
How I Impregnated My Cousin Unknowingly.

I and Funsho have been living together as Husband and wife even before our Parents got to know we were dating each other. We bo have it in mind that we will have the Pregnancy before our marriage.

I don’t know Funsho’s Father is a Junior Brother to my Father. Until when we both traveled to see her Parents and I introduced myself to her parents that we got to know that his Dad is a Junior Brother to my Father.

I couldn’t go home to introduce her to my parents. Pls, what should I do? I need your advice. Pls kindly Like, share, and comments reasonably.


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