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Impressive! ! ! Vigilante Raided Kidnappers’ Den, Arrested Three Kidnappers, Rescued Three Underage Fulani Boys


On Monday, the men of the vigilante group and the Hunters Group of Nigeria have raided a kidnappers’ den where three kidnappers were arrested and three Fulani victims were rescued.

According to Daily Post Nigeria, information gathered revealed that the rescued three underage Fulani boys were kidnapped from Chikara community along Lokoja- Abuja road 13 days ago by the arrested kidnappers who operated within the aforesaid area.

Photo of the kidnappers and the rescued Fulani boys.

The spokesperson of the hunter group, Abdullahi Yahaya stated that the rescued boys were not hurt and were in good condition when they were rescued and the kidnappers were taken to the appropriate authorities along with the weapons that were seized from them.

Mr. Yahaya commended the state government and the minister for solid minerals, Engineer Bashir Gegu, for their support in providing tactics for their operations in the area.


The state security adviser, Commodore Jerry Omodara also reacted to the development when he said that the success in the operation was a proof that the security network of the state was strong and solid enough to counter all forms of criminal vices in the state.

He maintained further that the morale boost from local vigilantes across the state have continued to bring good results because of the morale boos and incentives the government has continued to give as well as the cooperation from the people in the state.


Omodara added that the continued effort of the Kogi state government to keep the state as the safest place in the country were obviously yielding good results. He said the governor has severally made commitment to securing the lives and properties of the people inhabiting the state and to make the state uninhabitable for criminally minded people.

The level at which crimes increase in the country is very shocking. The government needs to play crucial roles in militating against crimes in the country.


However, the people also need to cooperate with and give necessary information to the security on any suspicious movement they notice in their community.



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