Increase In Electricity Tariff Is For Wealthy People Not Poor Nigerians – Gbajabiamila

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Electricity Tariff Hike Will Not Affect Everybody – Gbajabiamila

Nigeria’s 9th speaker of House of representatives, Olufemi Hakeem Gbajabiamila has said that the new increase in Electricity Tariff is only meant for wealthy people and not for poor Nigerians covering over 80% of the population.

The Nigerian lawyer and a member of the All Progressives Congress (APC) made the reveal during an interview section with newsmen in Abuja on Thursday, July 2.

Torixus had a note that the Electricity distribution companies in Nigeria (DisCos) accused the Nigerian government, especially the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), of trying to dissociate itself from the July 1 increase in electricity tariff.

The Drama was later settled after the pair agreed on descending the new tariff plan to the public to help the pocket of investors for better adjustment of the power sector.

Nigerians on hearing about the increase of the electricity tariff outcry the turn of event as a bad one that the electricity situation should get better first before an increase.

The 58-Year-old Politician reacting to the recent trend said to the public, that the new increment of the tariff is only meant for wealthy individuals who occupied 15% of the Nigerian population and not for Poor people.

“To speak for one of a better way to put it, of the society perhaps I think 15% of the society that the increase speaks to not the general 85% of the rest of the country.

“So in effect, in a system whereby that 15-20 percent will be subsidizing the rest of the 80%

“So whenever it happens, The assurances we are giving is that it’s not a general increase for all of Nigerians.
It’s only for highbrow, Rich and wealthy affluent people in the country.

“Everybody is on the same page, even amongst Nigerians that there has to be cost reflective Tariff because nobody runs any business at a lost” he concluded.A

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