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Indeed! We Are Not In Normal Times; A Picture Of Two Ladies Staking Lotto Causes Stir Online

Covid 19 has brought about all sort of unwarranted and unplanned hardships to many across the globe. To many, the devastating effect of COVID 19 has done much more harm than they can bear. Several businesses and jobs have collapsed due to the outbreak of the novel corona virus.

A picture making rounds on social media shows two beautiful ladies staking lotto. One may argue that, they see nothing wrong with this. However, there is more to that. Lottery, especially in Ghana is being done by men. It is a normal culture or norm to come across elderly men working out lotto numbers to win huge sums of money. In modern day Ghana, betting companies have however distorted the ordinary traditional lotto business.

For women, and ladies for that matter to be staking lotto is quite very unusual, and many have started wondering why these ladies, upon many things chose to stake lotto. They ( Ghanaians) have opined that, the likelihood of these girls facing hardships is very certain. From the picture, the first lady in green could be seen close to the lotto kiosk, doing what she knows best. From her posture, one could really tell she has mastered the act of lottery doing the corona virus period.

On the otherhand, the lady in yellow could be seen waiting for her partner to either finish staking or cashing out their proceeds from the lottery that day.

What do you think? Is it normal for ladies to stake lotto? And why on earth do you think two beautiful ladies, aside everything they could have done to make money chose to stake lotto? Kindly leave your thoughts in the comments section.

Below were some reactions from fellow Ghanaians;


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