INSECURITY! ! ! No One Is Safe In Nigeria, Lamido Declares, Appeals To Former President Obasanjo -
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INSECURITY! ! ! No One Is Safe In Nigeria, Lamido Declares, Appeals To Former President Obasanjo


Former Jigawa Governor, Sule Lamido on Sunday said no one is safe in Nigeria.

He spoke at a meeting with former President Olusegun Obasanjo at his OOPL Presidential Library residence in Abeokuta, the Ogun capital.

Lamido said the country is bleeding and appealed to Obasanjo to continue to contribute his quota to peace and unity.


” How do we remain safe is the biggest problem and challenge now in this country. Nobody is safe again.

‘ Imagine, kidnapping three workers of Baba, a former President of the country? Who is safe again? he queried.


Lamido said his visit to the ex- leader was normal and that he met him ” in a very high spirit and good health” .

” He told me that he’ s now ageing and I responded that he’ s not. We still need him in this country.

” He said, Sule, I will do anything for Nigeria. That is very inspiring. That is why I like him and this reinforces my faith in Nigeria.


” We discussed a number of issues, particularly on Nigeria that he so loved. No matter how down we go, we’ ll rise again” , he added.

The issue of insecurity is becoming very alarming in Nigeria, as nowhere seems to be safe again.


Banditry and terrorism is fast growing as the security agencies seem not to be enough to handle the situation.

Nigerians are now scared of going out for the fear of being kidnapped or killed. The country’ s effort to fight banditry and terrorism with it’ s amnesty deal may not be ideal.


Many bandits now see ” fake repentance” as a way to syphon money and total freedom from the country and escaping from punishments. The government needs to take proactive steps to arrest bandits and terrorists, making sure they are charged to court.


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