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Insecurity: Shouldn’t Weapons Be Handled By Professional Security Personnel Only?

One of the problems militating against Nigeria in these modern days is insecurity. These days, there is a threat to security in most parts of the country.

From insurgency in the Northeast, to Banditry in the Northwest, no part of the country is secured. While the Northern part of the country is battling with these evil people, Kidnapping, and Armed Robberies are ravaging the southern part of the country.

One surprising thing about all of these is that, the ongoing disasters are not natural in nature. They are man made problems created by mostly Nigerians for selfish gains. Painfully, most of the people employed to tackle this insecurity are helping in worsening the situation instead.

You will agree with me that, due to the high level of insecurity in the country, more security organizations have sprung up in regions in the country. From Hisbah in the north to Amotekun in the west, all regions are now coming up with their own security bodies.

Months ago, an illegal security organization was secretly floated by the IPOB, a group that was proscribed by the federal government, and other state governments within the country.

The worst of it all is that, most people who were employed into these regional security bodies are not professionals in handling guns and other dangerous weapons being assigned to them by their employers. To that end, instead of reducing insecurity in the country, they keep adding salt to our injuries.

Recall that, Amotekun operatives themselves have killed more persons in the recent weeks than kidnappers have done within this time in that region. Their assignment isn’t to kill at sight, but I guess the unprofessional in their midst may be responsible for some mistakes that may have taken precious lives in that region.

Amotekun is not the only problem, what about the un-professionalism of the Vigilante groups around the country. These days, there is a proliferation of Vigilante groups in the nooks and crannies of the country. In most cases, they are not controlling or reducing insecurity in their area of jurisdictions, but making it worst in all ramifications.

Recently, I cane across a photo of a security man, posing with a gun on social media. The moment I saw that photo, I began to think about the fate of the insecurity in the country. Is it going to get better by employing unprofessional into securing organizations?

What happened to training of persons employed into these organizations, are they being trained on how to handle guns and other weapons? See the disturbing photo of a supposed security man posing with a weapon below:

Haven seen the photos, do you think these regional security organization being floated across the country will reduce our security challenges or worsening it?

What about the professionalism of personnel in these security organizations? Shouldn’t weapons be handled by professional security personnel only?


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