Insecurity: Why The Elite Must Do More To Stop Terrorism In Nigeria


According to a recent assessment by VisionOfHumanity, Nigeria is the third most severely affected country by terrorism.

Despite this, the total number of people killed by terrorism in Nigeria declined to 1, 245 in 2019, representing a 39 percent decrease from the previous year. Also decreasing by 27%, terrorist- related incidents reached their lowest level since 2011. Terrorist- related incidents in Nigeria have been declining since 2011. Boko Haram, Nigeria’ s deadliest terrorist organization, reported a 25 percent rise in terrorist activities, which was primarily directed at civilians, compared to the previous year.

Furthermore, radicals were responsible for 26% of all terror- related deaths in Nigeria, accounting for 325 deaths. Boko Haram has also dropped from being the most dangerous terrorist organization in the world prior to the current administration to being the third most dangerous terrorist organization in the world, after the Taliban and ISIS.

Many Nigerians, on the other hand, are unfamiliar with Asymmetrical Warfare. They are unaware that even nations that have battled it head- on are still dealing with significant challenges, as it is a Protracted and Intractable kind of Warfare, which they do not understand.

Read the ” Blue Book” of Mao Tse Tung. Instead of achieving a decisive victory, the war is intended to be protracted. Since 2005, the elders and political elite of the North East have been working harder to put an end to the insurgency in the region. The formation of the CJTF is one of the many initiatives undertaken. This is a collaborative effort by indegines from the axis in question.

The community also played a role in discovering and apprehending known terrorists, which resulted in their being forced to relocate to the forest and the Lake Chad axis. The governor of Borno, as well as senators and representatives, recently met with the National Security Adviser to discuss the insurgency.

In the previous three years, the governor of Borno state has committed more than 20 billion Naira to the fight against insecurity. If only the North Easterners and their leaders had been as quick to put a stop to the insecurity earlier, the terrorists would not have had the opportunity to amass such a large cache of military gear. However, they are doing everything they can right now.


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