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Inspector General Of Police Should Resign Over His Poor Leadership Of The Police

In my honest opinion, it is my take that the current Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu should resign honorably. He has been very inept in handling the police force. Since he assumed office, Nigerians cannot claim to be proud of the treatment they have received from his boys. The public image of the police has gone from bad to worse under him.

When Nigerians went to the street last week protesting for the scrapping of the notorious Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), the IGP was very slow and in fact reactionary in his response. We remember he did not address the concerns of Nigerians in person. He rather through the PRO, Frank Mba told us SARS could not be scrapped.

That fueled the anger of protesters. It was not untill Sunday before he held a press conference where he announced the scrapping of the tactical unit. Why did it have to take him that long? A good IGP would know when not to joke with the emotions and demands of the people. He would know what the pulse of the people is. Unfortunately, in Mohammed Adamu, we do not have that kind of IGP.

I remember seeing a video of Omoyele Sowore leading protesters to the police headquarters in Abuja. He demanded to talk to the IG of police. Unfortunately, only Frank Mba came out. Instances like this have shown that Adamu is not accountable to members of the public. He seems to live in his own echo chamber. He seems not to care about how people feel.

Since Nigerians began to protest, we have recorded multiple instances of police brutality against protesters. We have recorded unfortunate incidents of shooting against protesters. Some have been killed. At the last count, 10 protesters have been killed. These are the men of the IGP. He did not come out again to immediately address this lunacy displayed by his men. This is just irresponsible.

It is obvious that Adamu has no control over the police force. His words mean nothing to his men. He doesn’t understand the frustration and anger of Nigerians. It’s even more unfortunate that Nigerians are the ones teaching him what to do. Nigerians had to demand the trial and prosecution of rogue officers. I’m really confused. Did the IG had to be told that in the first place?

The IG needs to resign. Better yet, Buhari should fire him now. He has not handled his job with the dedication expected of him. He has been very slow and in fact reactionary. He does not have control over his men. He should resign and he should reign now.

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