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INTERESTING! ! ! Hear What This Beautiful Female Nigerian Soldier Said To People Who Said She Is Too Pretty To Be A Soldier

A pretty Nigerian lady who is also a soldier with the Nigerian Army has hit back at her critics who told her she is not supposed to be a soldier because of her apparent look which does not befit military personnel.

According to the video posted online by the pretty Nigerian lady, she said men do tell her she’ s too pretty to be working as a soldier. This statement did not go down well with her which made her react to the comments. The lady in the now- viral video was wearing her complete military uniform as she lashes back at her critics, majorly males.

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She began: ” Some guys tell me I’ m too pretty for the work I do. ”

” If there’ s anything to be pretty about, it’ s to make you believe without you I’ m nothing, it’ s to be used and dumped by you, ” she said.

She further said if there is anything she is too pretty about, it is the fact that she is too pretty to ask for an urgent 2k (thousand nairas). She also opined that she is not the type of girl that will depend on men for anything, hence she embraces military work. So long that it puts food on her table, she cannot be too pretty for the military job. She concluded that she is too fine for (men’ s) rubbish or that she can not stand when men are talking down on her; she said she is too pretty for that.

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Meanwhile, people are praising her comments. They said she did the right thing by not trying to depend on men because she is pretty. Most girls in her category would not even think of taking such a job because they would not want anything that would spoil their beauty, especially their skin; hence they will be depending on men for their survival.


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