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INTERESTING! See Why Nigerians May No Longer Buy Tecno, Infinix, And IPhones Again

The reign of Nigeria’ s most used smartphones: Tecno, Infinix, iPhones, may soon be over, after the federal government launched the first made- in- Nigeria cell phone on Wednesday, 9th June 2021.

Adeniyi Adebayo, Nigeria’ s Minister of Industry, Trade and Investment, presented the phone known as ‘ ITF Mobile’ to President Muhammadu Buhari, shortly before the commencement of the Federal Executive Council meeting on Wednesday, in Abuja.


According to the Minister, the phone is one of the 12 cell phones locally produced with the use of local materials, sourced by the electrical/electronics technology department of the Model Skills Training Centre of the Industrial Training Fund, ITF (an agency under the Ministry of Trade and Investment).

Interestingly, while presenting the phone to President Buhari during the launching, Mr. Adebayo said, ” It gives me great pleasure Mr President, to present you with one of the phones. ”


Mixed reactions trail as many Nigerians shared their views on social media regarding the launching of the phone.

A social media user @Umar Jibril said, ” This is a wonderful development. What we need now is for the president to patronize this phone and also direct all his family and political appointees to purchase. The president appointees should alos direct thier appointees to purchase and this will generate a movement that will spread all over the country. But, I bet you, they won’ t do it. this thing will only stop after the pictures. ”

@Razzy Ebubeka said, ” This is Great, Will definitely open up more employment Opportunities for the Youths once it’ s efficiently Utilized. May Nigeria 🇳🇬 Continually Triumph Over All Her Adversaries, Amen. ”

@Linda Dan said, ” Somebody, please tell him he’ s making a mockery of himself is it today that cell phone has been in existence that he’ s showcasing made in Nigeria we could do better and big than that if people like him are not dragging the country backwards. Please Buhari stop this embarrassment and go hide somewhere. If they ask you to operate the phone you probably won’ t know how to. ”

@Obi Nueguesi said, ” This only comes after Rwanda announced the establishment of a government built phone factory. The ” gaint” pf Africa could not do it before Rwanda. Knee jack reaction all the time from our government without plans. ”

@Supra Chukwunonso said, ” Since Nigerians don’ t want to bring their mobile tracking I p to them, they now went to china and manufactured mobile phones and already have the tracking I p. thw next move is to put very high tariff on imported mobile phones making it difficult for Nigerians to buy and no other alternative than to buy the made in Nigeria mobile. . . when this people do things, they see you as a 🐐 and many will still support them. . remember I wrote this. . watch and see. ”

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