INTERVIEW: I Nearly Asked The DSS To Take Me To Nnamdi Kanu – Chiwetalu Agu


As security forces released Chiwetalu Agu, a popular Nollywood actor, he had an exclusive interview with BBC Igbo on friday, October 15, in which he explained everything about his ordeal at the hands of security personnel last week.

He said, from an early age he was a gifted person and on his way from Asaba to Onitsha, people gathered to meet him as he was a famous person.

What was he doing when he was arrested?

Chiwetalu Agu said he was sympathetic to the poor among those who gathered to meet him, which prompted him to start baking bread on the Upper Iweaka road in Onitsha. Chiwetalu Agu said the cake he bought and distributed that day cost tens of thousands.

In his remarks, he said it was a rally that led to his arrest, and he said that when they came to arrest him, he asked them what he had done if they had attacked him. They went to find him and dragged him into their car. He said they tore his clothes painted in the east.



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When asked by BBC Igbo about the rumors, he said that he was beaten and injured by soldiers when they came to arrest him, he said that it was a false story but that the reason was that they dragged him into a car.

Chiwetalu Agu went on to say that soldiers from Onitsha took him to the Enugu State Army’ s ” 82 Division” and started interviewing him which included why he was distributing an Eastern uniform cake on Onitsha road. He said he explained to the military his plan which was a peace plan. When they found no defect in him, he was handed over to the Special Intelligence officers.


I Was Interviewed For More Than Three Hours- Chiwetalu Agu

He added that the department continued to interview him for more than nine hours. He also said that they checked his cell phone, and asked him questions about everything they found in his cell phone.

As they did their own investigation and failed to find any defect in his hand they handed him over to the special police department which is DSS in the name of scarf. Chiwetalu said the DSS took him in their car early that morning to their headquarters in Abuja.


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He described to BBC Igbo what he went through at the hands of the DSS when they put him in special custody, which included interviewing him and checking his cell phone. He also said that he had told them about his diabetes and gastritis so that the food he ate was special.

Chiwetalu Agu also said that DSS staff told him that his place was under the house where Mr. Nnamdi Kanu was kept. He said his hope was to see Nnamdi Kanu but this did not happen as he was not allowed to see him.

He also told BBC Igbo that his peers were performing for a concert which included the Actors Guild of Nigeria. He said the president of the congregation, Emeka Rollas, had sent him helpers including Mr. Steve Egbu, Mike Ozekhome, and Monalisa Chinda.


Chiwetalu Agu said that as the security forces saw that he was innocent and did nothing wrong, they told him how his behavior as a celebrity had the power to provoke violence and bring peace to the area.

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In his concluding remarks, he said he only wanted peace which was the people asking him to run for the governorship of Enugu State, he said the plan was good but he would not contest it as the road was not easy for politicians.


He also said that while he was honest, when he got involved in politics, he would call on politicians to stop corruption, crime and fraud, which could provoke their anger and drive them out. He went on to say that he would keep it in the National Archive or in the Personal Archive as a memorial. .

Will Chiwetalu Agu Wear The Garment That Caused Him Trouble again?

He also said that he would wear another white robe that would symbolize the sunrise to please his heart. Chiwetalwa Agu summed up his speech by urging the authorities, including President Buhari, to pursue a peaceful and dialogueable path in public life and to refrain from tyranny.

He also called for the establishment of a body of elders to represent all parts of Nigeria to engage in dialogue.


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