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INTRESTING DEVELOPMENT! ! ! As Northern Mornach Bluntly Endorses Grave Punishment For Bandits; See The Shocking Reasons For His Decision


Insecurity in Nigeria has been the order of the day despite efforts made by both the past and present governments.

The present administration led by President Mohammadu Buhari had won the hearts of Nigerians as he pledged to champion a total change for Nigeria.

He had made the fight against insecurity and corruption his campaign theme- on this ground he won the 2015 general election that saw former President, Goodluck Jonathan defeated.

Fast forward to this day, insecurity remains on an increasing scale and nearly seems to be a mission impossible for the current government to conquer.


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The Emir of Katsina, Abdulmuminu Usman, vowed death for bandits, which will delight many Nigerians due to its bluntness.

Premium Times adds that the famous emir believes that outlaws slaughtering civilians in the northwest deserve to die.

He made the statement during a meeting of security stakeholders in Katsina.

He claimed that the bandits ” don’ t deserve to live” because they chose to go after people’ s lives.

He went on to say that the culprits should be prosecuted as soon as possible. He believes that delaying their prosecution will be unproductive since it will not serve as a deterrent.

Indeed, he stated that state, federal, and municipal governments must rise to the occasion and punish the robbers appropriately.

He maintained that to settle a score, no one should turn to banditry.

Masari made the remark when he met with Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the state’ s minister of information, who was in the state to acquire firsthand information on ongoing anti- bandit operations.



Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, a well- read Islamic cleric who is gaining popularity, had previously provided recommendations to the federal government on how to address the issue of banditry in the north.

According to a Punch article, the Sheikh added that there is nothing wrong with the government establishing a federal ministry of Nomadic Affairs.

According to him, this ministry will deal with such people’ s problems and complaints, as well as repentant insurgents.

In his own words:

” What stops us from having a federal ministry of Nomadic Affairs where their grievances and complaints will be addressed?

” All the bandit leaders we saw complained of how some repentant ones were picked and extra- judicially killed after the surrender of their weapons. ”



Meanwhile, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, a controversial Islamic cleric, claimed on Monday, September 6th, that the ongoing military offensive against bandits in Zamfara State and other regions of the North- West will not achieve the desired outcomes.

Gumi also cautioned against mishandling the situation to avoid a repeat of the Taliban’ s success in Afghanistan.

Rather, the cleric wrote on his Facebook page, ” Zamfara: The Flaring Crisis, ” that the Federal Government should tackle the situation similarly to how it handled the EndSARS protest or the Niger Delta insurgents.

Gumi further claimed that the Federal Government should provide amnesty to bandits in the north, same as the late President Umaru Musa Yar’ Adua’ s administration did to militants in the Niger Delta before his death.

Military interventions in the past, according to the controversial priest, have worsened the issue, causing herders resistance.

” Any more action will push them closer to religious fanaticism. It gives them protection from discrediting them as thieves and also reinforces their mobilisation of gullible young unemployed youth as we saw with Boko Haram.

” These measures I enumerated are cheaper, easier, and lasting than the kinetic approach which is now taking place. No military, especially of a poor economy, can win guerrilla warfare. The recent victory of the Taliban in Afghanistan is a factual warning for those that contemplate this. ”



Previously, growing bandit activity was putting pressure on schools in Nigeria’ s northwestern region, including Zamfara state, to close to benefit the criminals.

As a result of the criminals’ activity, the schools were abandoned by the students and staff, according to Daily Trust.

According to JoseyWrites, the headmaster of a primary school in the state’ s Birnin Magaji Local Government Area was reportedly challenged by armed men who demanded that he close the school for the day because they planned to sleep in the classrooms.

The headmaster promptly closed the school and instructed all of the students to go home, knowing full well the penalties of not carrying out their order.

After taking refuge in the empty classrooms of abandoned primary schools around the state, a large number of bandits were murdered in airstrikes.

Aside from that, several schools were suffering from a teacher shortage because many people refused to teach in rural schools because of the dangers involved.

As a result, the schools were either abandoned or left with insufficient teaching staff.


Learning has been disrupted in Zamfara State after the state government was compelled to close schools due to armed bandits abducting pupils on a regular basis.

The bandits abducted more than 200 schoolgirls from a secondary school in the Jangebe hamlet in the Talata Mafara Local Government Area of the state in February this year, signalling the start of a never- ending assault on education and scholarship.

Since then, the state administration has ordered the closure of all 23 boarding schools in the state, pending a security situation improves.

Boarding school students were asked to begin attending day schools instead.

Despite this, armed men have increased their attacks on schools and institutions in the state, the most recent being the kidnapping of 74 students from Government Secondary School, Kaya in the state’ s Maradun Local Government Area.


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