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IPOB activists in Enugu carry out ceremony to “disconnect the connection between Biafra and Nigeria”

IPOB activists in Enugu carried out a severance ceremony to “disconnect the connection between Biafra and Nigeria”.

The ceremony saw Biafra activists write down prayer points on papers with the four market days observed in Igbo land as the focus of the prayer.

They called on their “ancestors” to fight for Biafra and grant them autonomy from Nigeria.

During the ceremony, the Biafran activists put an image in a casket, using a green and white colored cloth – the color of the Nigerian flag – to signify Nigeria. They ended up burning the casket as a sign of their disconnection from Nigeria.

Sharing photos from the event on its official Facebook account, the Biafra activists wrote:

IPOB family’s in Enugu has disconnected the connection between BIAFRA and NIGERIA.

There was some prayer points in write-ups, signifying the four market days, that is being observed in Igbo land, which is ( Orie, Afor, Nkwo and Eke ) as the family members of IPOB Enugu, and some many supporters from this community, gathered to call upon their Ancestors, and the God’s of their land ( Chukwu Okike Abiama ) to fight for Biafra, against the zoo country, Nigeria.
As they pray, that ( Orie ) riegbooo Nigeria, ( Afor ) forgbooo Nigeria, ( Nkwo ) nkwogbooo Nigeria, and ( Eke ) kegbooo Nigeria.

They ended this prayer, with four traditional gun shoots ( Egbe Nkponala ) and by burning Mr Nigeria, in it’s Nigeria coloured painted casket, as to prove, that the will be nothing connecting nor relationship existing between the both country, which means that today marks the end of one Nigeria, relationship, that has been existing in the past, today marks the better beginning of the future hope of the dying world, as a new kingdom, is set to be inaugurated ( Biafra Restoration )   


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