IPOB Bounces From ‘FRYING PAN TO FIRE’ As INEC Blames Nnamdi Kanu’s Boys After This Unexpected Incident


On Monday, a report from INEC accused the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) of allegedly restricting the movement of the people in the southeast before and during the commencement of the Anambra State gubernatorial election.

According to INEC, IPOB is responsible for the low turnout during the Anambra state election due to the fear which was installed in the people’ s minds before the commencement of the election.


Despite the argument or the belief of INEC, On November 4, Daily Post added that IPOB cancel its 7- day sit- at- home Order which was recently put in place to demand the unconditional release of the leader of the group.

Without a clear reason, IPOB reportedly canceled the sit- at- home order and also urged Anambra residents to vote and engage themselves in the electoral process.

However, no form of violence was reported on the 6th of November in Anambra state during the conduct of the Anambra State gubernatorial election.


Meanwhile, INEC on Monday released a report accusing IPOB of contributing to the low turnout allegedly recorded during the Anambra election.

INEC supervising agent in Anambra state, Sam Egwu, stated that ” There is a whole state of fear that has been created by the politics of agitation for a separate state in this part of the country. ”

” IPOB has been able to enforce the sit- at- home order over time. So the fear of IPOB has become the beginning of wisdom. ”


” We have had a problem with extremely low voter turnout. The voter turnout, I think, if you are scientific in terms of what we are seeing in many local governments, you are dealing with less than 25 percent voter turnout, and this is not good for our democracy. ”

” Before the Anambra State governorship election, there was fear over the sit- at- home order by IPOB. Amid the fear, IPOB had said the sit- at- home order was to prevail on the Federal Government to release its leader, Nnamdi Kanu. ”

” However, the separatist group canceled the order a few hours to the commencement of the election but the effect of the sit- at- home order was still felt during the election as many people refused to turn up or cast their votes. ”


Sam Egwu added that the number of people who registered and collected their cards is far lower than the actual number of people who participated in the election.

If there were no sit- at- home order or the presence of IPOB in the region, he said there would have been a high level of voters turnout. “

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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