IPOB And ESN Think President Buhari, A War Time General, Will Be Smiling At Them - Joe Igbokwe - Mc Ebisco
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IPOB And ESN Think President Buhari, A War Time General, Will Be Smiling At Them – Joe Igbokwe

Joe Igbokwe the special adviser to the governor of Lagos State on Drainage and water resources has once again taken his time to address the current security situation in the south east, the region he comes from, and from his daily conversation about the region one would agree that he is so concerned about the peace, unity and progress of his region.

So in a bid to address the security situation in the south east, Joe Igbokwe took to his Facebook account to share his thoughts concerning the activities of IPOB and ESN, were he said that IPOB and ESN have declared total war on the Nigerian state thereby destroying government institutions and killing of policemen and innocent citizens and they think the president who was a General will be smiling at them. He also said that the heinous atrocities and madness that IPOB and ESN are displaying in the Eastern part of the country is totally unacceptable, and no responsible government will allow such activities to continue happening.


In the comment section, some people accepted that truly Nigeria has a security problem that everybody is aware but instead of trading blames the wise thing to do in situations like this is to find a lasting solution to the problem so that we can all live in peace and unity, while some people advised Joe Igbokwe to relocate back to the south east so that he can be closer to his people and they can all fight this menace together.


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