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IPOB IS NOT ALONE, SEE 30 Other Separatist Group In South- East President Buhari May Not Know About


IPOB has continued to gain ground and spread its relevance to the minds and lives of the people in the country.

While the group might have been sponsored and supported by Nnamdi Kanu for a long time, the group has continued to remain strong and popular despite the arrest of the group leader, Nnamdi Kanu.

A member of the Nigerian Senate has said that IPOB may not end anytime soon. He said there are a lot of groups in a southeast zone that supports the activities of IPOB and carry out their attacks the same way IPOB has been doing in the past.


Irrespective of what may be done to IPOB and the other groups, Senator Abaribe made it known that the idealogy of IPOB would never be buried or stop by everyone.

During an interview with a television, senator Abaribe stated that there are a lot of groups that have been created in the past for the promotion of the agenda of the Biafra nation.

He said the group would continue to promote its interest and the members of the group can not be fully identified by the Nigerian government.


Rather than attack members of the group, kill them, or arrest them, he said the best solution to the problem of the people is for the government to give the people what they want which is the right to secession.

Senator Abaribe stated that the idealogy of IPOB is intact and it would remain in place irrespective of how many members of the group might have been arrested, killed, or prosecuted by the Nigerian government.


On Tuesday, during an interview with channels television, Senator Abaribe said that members of the IPOB will not step down or cool down for any reason until they have been given what they want by the government of Nigeria.

He said the group wants nothing aside from what they have been asking for before and there would be peace in the country once the groups have been given what they want.

Aside from IPOB, senator Abaribe stated that many other groups in the southeast are over 30 in number.


In his word, he said, ” IPOB may not stop agitating or asking for secession. The group would not stop and despite the killing and arrest of its members, the activities of the group will continue. ”

” IPOB is not the only group, in the south- east, there are over 30 groups in the zone who is also pursuing the same course as IPOB. “


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