IPOB Was Not Around when they Discussed Nigeria’s Unity – Senator Muslihu

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Senator Muslihu El-Jibrin Doguwa was chairman Senate Committee on Agriculture between 1999 and 2003. He had also served as a local government chairman, Kano State chairman of the People’s Democratic Party PDP twice, and Managing Director of Hadejia Jamma’are River Basin Development Authority. Doguwa, who joined the All Progressives Congress, APC, before the last general elections, in this interview among others spoke on the state of the nation and the way forward.

During His Interview with Vanguard, when he was asked to state his views on the agitations of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB for Biafra Republic, He Said:

“Let me tell you about this issue of IPOB, Afenifere and northerners, we don’t see ourselves as Nigerians. During the days of Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, he talked about Nigeria, he talked about the problems in the East, he talked about the problems in the West and there was that regional issue; the Northern Region, the Southern Region and the Eastern Region and the rest.

“When the leaders came together with each one coming to present a case for his region, they discussed it wholly. But today that you have 36 states, each member is talking about his state; when you go back to his state you have about 43 constituencies with each one talking about his own constituency.

“So, at the centre how would one be satisfied when there are 360 federal constituencies? When you come to Kano, for example, how do you expect somebody to satisfy 44 constituencies?

The issue is that those people in IPOB, and similar movements agitations were not around when our founding fathers were talking about the unity of this country.

“That is why they are bastardizing the thinking of our youths and putting them on the wrong path, thinking that when they secede they will succeed. Whoever secedes from Nigeria as it is today will not succeed.

Let me tell you this, especially the IPOB that has made it an issue, if they are allowed to go they will cry. Let me give you a simple example, can you tell me any small village in Nigeria today that you cannot find an Igbo man? You can’t.

“You can’t tell me of a small village in this country where you will not find an Igbo man doing his small business or trade. When they secede will they then say they are going back to their own country? Do you think we in the remaining Nigeria will allow them to continue to stay in our villages or in our own part? Or will they allow our people to stay in their own part? No, they will not. He said,

What do you think?

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