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Iskilu Waliki Finally Reveals The Reason Why He Did Not Run From The OPC Members That Arrested Him

The infamous Fulani warlord, Iskilu Wakili that was arrested few days ago by members of Oodua People’s Congress has now revealed to the newsmen at the SCID, Iyaganku Ibadan the reason why he refused to run away when he saw the OPC members approaching. The successful arrest of Iskilu wakili was achieved by some security outfits including some OPC members who attacked him in his house unaware. Many people have been praising them for a job well done but, the Iskilu Wakili has revealed the actual reason why his arrest was possible by the OPC.

Iskilu Wakili has been accused of many crimes and many people have been trying to arrest him for years but all attempts have always been futile. This birth the question that ‘why was it possible for the members of the Oodua People’s Congress to be able to nab him just in his hut just like that?’ Well, Iskilu Wakili has provided the answer to that question while speaking to newsmen at the State Criminal Investigation Department at Iyaganku.

Wakili says that he was fully aware that they were approaching to arrest him. He says that he was alerted by the women in his compound about the presence of the security outfits coming to arrest him. He said the only reason he did not leave was because he was very sick and unable to run. He said he knew they were approaching, so he told the people in his compound to run for their lives. After he was arrested, he said they dragged him out of his hut without any cloth on and they later handed him over to the Igboora Police.

He added that he fainted severally on the way to the Station and we they got there, they moved him to the State Criminal Investigation Department. He says that he was later informed that his house was razed and his son’s wife was shot during the attack. According to him, his son’s wife, Kande is now lying in the mortuary.

The report says that the notorious Fulani Warlord even denied all the allegations that were made against him. He said he was never been a kidnaper in his life. He claims that two of his children were once kidnapped that he even had to pay millions of naira to get them out so, all the allegations made against him were baseless.


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