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Islam meant for people’s good, not other way round: NASFAT

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Islam meant for people’s good, not other way round: NASFAT

Condemning the murder of Deborah Samuel by Muslim fanatics, the Nasrul-Lahi-l-Fatih Society (NASFAT) Nigeria, said Islam and its paraphernalia were there for people’s good and not the other way round.

NASFAT’s Chief Missioner, Abdul Azeez Onike, said this in a statement signed by the group’s Publicity Secretary, Abdul Akeem-Yusuf, and made available to journalists in Lagos on Saturday.

“Religion and all its paraphernalia meant to worship Allah are for man and not man for those,” Mr Onike said, further condemning the extra-judicial killing meted out to the late Ms Samuel in Sokoto by Muslim extremists.

“In the case of any disrespectful act on those religious paraphernalia or on Allah, capital punishment is not the answer but civilly calling the person involved to order by making him or her understand that he or she committed sacrilege for him to refrain from such and not to kill,” he said.

Mr Onike advised against reprisals and unnecessary maligning of a particular ethnic group or religion over the incident.

He added that jungle justice, becoming rampant in our country, was a condemnable act by all religions, and urged law enforcement agents to do a thorough investigation, arrest all culprits and speedily bring justice to bear.

Ms Samuel was allegedly killed for objecting that religious matters should not be posted in their class WhatsApp platform meant for academic information.


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