What Islam Says About Woman Wearing Of Ankle Bracelets

There’s a massive debate about the importance of wearing ankle bracelets for women. The questions being asked include:Is there a cultural or religion meaning to wearing one in the first place? How does Islam react if it is worn in the public by a woman? The answers to these questions are not far fetched. First of all, let me start by giving thanks to the creator of all creations. All ideal praise be to Allaah, the Lord of the universe and I testify that there is none worthy of worship besides Allaah, and that Muhammad (SAW) , is His slave and Messenger.

Back to the bone of the contention, It is forbidden for a woman to put on an ankle bracelet outdoor of her residence if it jingles and produces sound when men who are islamically fit for her to marry can hear. In other words, a women can put on ankle bracelet in as much as she doesn’t expose it to the public.

Allah says in the Holy Qur’an: {And let them not stamp their feet in order to expose what they hide of their adornment. And repent to Allah all of you, O believers, that you may be successful} [Quran 24:31].

The feet of a woman are parts of the body that Islam mandates to be included. They ought to be covered from the sight of all men, in line with the consensus of all the Muslim Scholars.


On the opposite hand, a woman is authorized to put on any sort of golden ornament. She can put on a wrist bracelet, an ankle bracelet and some other ornaments. She can go out wearing them provided no alien man sees them and they do not produce sounds.

In conclusion, the general stance on women beauty accessories like anklets according to Islam are permissible. However, Islam chastises women who show off their adornments to persons other than their husbands and family relatives with whom there can be no marital relations, such as parents and siblings.

How does your community or your religion portray this? Feel free to put down your comment in the commentary box below. Thanks for reading!

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