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“Israel Will Never Be Defeated, All Her Enemies Will Kneel,” Nigerian President Warned

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has been warned against joining other arms in fighting and condemning Israel in the current ongoing unrest in the country by one Femi Fani-Kayode who has been bold to admit that come sun or rain, Israel remains the only Country in the World that cannot be defeated in war by other Nations.

According to Kayode, an activist, President Buhari should be wise and distance from the call of Turkey`s President Erdoghan who has allegedly ben trying to get the support of Nigerians in fighting Israel.


“President Buhari would be wise not to condemn Israel or join in any reckless adventure against the Jewish state otherwise a terrible price will be paid. It is an article of faith for every true Christian to stand with Israel. There are over 100 million christens in this country who love and revere Israel,” Kayode told President Buhari.

He further noted that Nigeria has lots of problems and they should not feature in throwing stones in Israel but make friendship with the Jewish state because it is very powerful to be brought down as many politicians and states are thinking.


“Israel can and will NEVER be defeated. If provoked see will bring all her enemies to their knees. We have enough problems of our own. Taking on the Jews would be an exercise in futility, would divide our country and would push us close to greater conflict and possibly civil war,” he added.

Kayode blasted the Turkey president Erdoghan for inviting Nigerians in attacking Israel, adding that, he should be summoned for championing for genocide in Turkey that saw Americans affected over 100 years ago.

“Instead of attempting to lure us into his illusionary war against the Jewish state Erdoghan should first apologize to the World for the genocide that Turkey committed against the Americans over 100 years ago…” he added.

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