“I’ve Been a Widower for 6 Years, Can I Be Your Boy”- Man Begs Lady Who Claims She Needs a Boyfriend

When one losses his wife, it’s usually not very easy on him especially if he’s still very young and the wife may have kids. Due to the love he may have had for his deceased wife, he may decide not to remarry but when it becomes too obvious that he needs to, instead of playing around with young girls, the search for another lady sounds like being desperate to others. He may just be everywhere both online and offline, seeking for who would agree to dating or marrying him even though the chances of such happening, may be very slim.

However, ladies too on their own part when fully blown, search still for their own man both online and offline as some of them, deploy every possible means to make sure they get a man of their choice. Some have even gone as far as online, announcing they need a man as those days of being ashamed of what the world may say, due to their gender has been swept under the carpet.

A lady whose name is Chawandaxo took to Twitter to announce she needs a boyfriend, with a pretty and sexy pictures of hers.

Out of many people especially men who kept pleading to her to be theirs, a man decided to take the plea rather high than normal as he narrated his predicament to the lady. The man who’s called Deshon Porter said he’s been a widower for almost 6 years and needs a new wife. He went on to beg the lady if he could be her boy.

Marriage isn’t what one should jump into at any point in time or even relationship. You need to be certain that what you want to go into is really worth it, not don’t allow desperation push you into what you may end up regretting tomorrow.


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