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“Jack Soro Soke”- Reactions As The CEO Of Twitter Supports EndSars Protest

It’s been a few days that Nigerian youths bravely started protesting against the deemed rogue force SARS, and even though some of the protesters lost their life, the others stood their ground till Government eventually dissolved the force to create another known as SWAT.


Nigerian Twitter users complained a few days ago they could no longer trend EndSars because no matter how they use the hashtag it wasn’t showing on the trend table, so they decided to trend SarsMustEnd instead. Some Twitter users believed maybe the Twitter administrators were responsible for the inability to no longer trend the EndSars, so some held Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter responsible.

However, Nigerian Twitter users was surprised when Jack Dorsey tweeted hashtag EndSars which obviously means he supported the protest, see his tweet below;


His tweet has garnered lots of reactions in just few minutes. “Jack soro soke, 600 years of enjoyment and long life for you” a Twitter influencer with handle name ESV Adesewa replied him. “Soro soke” that was included in her reply is the current popular slang used by Twitter users, and it means “speak louder”

See more reactions in below screenshots;


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