James Brown Sparks Massive Reactions On Social Media After He Posted This Picture


James Brown who is a well- known Nigerian cross dresser, has gone viral after posting adorable pictures of his grandmother on social media. Furthermore, the images were posted on James Brown’ s official Instagram account for everyone to see. The following is a screen capture of the original post.

” This is the woman who took me when my mother rejected me when I was 2 days old, ” James Brown said in a statement released earlier today. James Brown also stated in quote ” She stood up for me when all of my family members didn’ t like what I was doing. As long as my grandmother continues to support and believe in me, I won’ t have to worry about anyone else ” .

Finally, James Brown expressed his gratitude to his grandmother, saying, ” Big thanks to my grandmother for accepting my personality; may she live a long time to enjoy the fruits of her labor. ”

Nonetheless, a large number of fans of the cross dresser took to the comment section to express their reactions to the new photos in a variety of ways. Finally, please express your feelings about the adorable photographs of James Brown’ s grandmother. But in my own opinion, I would however advise James Brown to change his ways because crossdressing is not a professional that is acceptable in Nigeria.

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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