JAW DROPPING!!! Woman Celebrates A Year Of Continuous Bleeding With Adorable Photos

A young beautiful woman identified as Okonore has taken to her Twitter handle to celebrate her one year of continuous bleeding with adorable photos, a year of tiredness, imagine a year of passing out of blood from her body, God has been faithful to her, so she added that this is her first time of stopping out and walk since February 2020.

Most of us have stepped out like a million times, here is someone celebrating her first walk since this year, you see why we all should always be grateful to God? His mercies are infinity.

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According to mini research, PCOS is said to be a very popular hormone dilemma for women that is at age of childbearing it occurs to some people, it might be popular, but not everyone has it,

It is said that some women with PCOS disease may not ovulate, they also tend to have high levels of growth in the body, you may think that the growth is nnormal, but the growth is most times fatty growth and the person may not be in shape. It may cause irregular periods, infertility, and excess body growth.

Some women with PCOS tend to have uncontrollable periods, they see it like every week or every day as the case may be, this kind of disease is a deadly one, imagine the pains and suffering the woman has been through for some years now.

This is why she is celebrating it, admist it, she made mention of Covid19, she went through all of these during those periods, this is not easy for her, she is strong enough to live up to this very moment, all she needs is good wishes and prayers and not those bashing her for wearing what she wore to snap, they fail to understand that there is more to life than that, she is a survivor and she is just being grateful.

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We should be happy her and pray for her for divine healings and long life.


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