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Joe Biden Has Sent A Strong Message To Muslims Who Refused To Wear Face Masks, Read What He Said.

The president-elect Joe Biden has send a strong message to Immigrant Muslims Who refused to wear face masks in order to curtail the spread of corona virus in United States of America. Muslims from other countries like India and Pakistan who are living in US have refused to wear face masks, saying their religion doesn’t support wearing of face mask earlier on social media platforms and Joe Biden has taken to his official facebook page to send a strong warning or message to them.

Joe Biden said that “let me be clear, wearing of face mask is not about making your life less comfortable or taking something away from you. It’s to give something back to us which is a normal life”.

The president-elect Joe Biden was not happy when immigrant Muslims went online to profess their religion and said it doesn’t allow them to wear face mask. He told Muslims that wearing of face mask does not make their life less comfortable because the health workers are trying to give us a normal life.

He continued that ” it’s time to put away the harsh rhetoric, lower the temperature and listen to each other again to make progress and we must must treating our opponents as our enemies”.

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