Joe Igbokwe Reacts As The Inspector General Of Ghana Police Service Warned Pastors In Ghana Over False Prophecies


The special assistant to the Lagos state governor on Drainage and Water Resources matters, Engineer Joe Igbokwe took to his Facebook page to react to the terms and conditions given to pastors in Ghana by the Inspector General of Ghana Police Service.

The exceptionally boisterous APC supporter, and special adviser to the Lagos State governor on drainage and water resources, Joe Igbokwe revealed a post on the Ghanaian pastors and the warning which was placed upon them by the Inspector General of Ghana Police about prophecies with no evidence.


According to the news revealed by Joe Igbokwe, it states: ” As Christmas and New Year is coming, your God can give you prophecy but make sure he adds evidence” .

The Inspector- General of Ghana Police, however, said that any pastor who delivers prophecy from God without backing it up with good evidence will all be arrested and made to face the law. It is stated that some pastors have already been arrested.


In reaction to that, Joe Igbokwe laughed, by means of an expressive sign that indicates laughter (” Hahaha” ). That is to allege that the law is funny.

See the post below:


Let’ s take a look at some reactions from people online below:

” How I wish our government are Bold enough to do same in Nigeria”

” If they do, won’ t there be weeping of persecution and Islamization from the sheep 🐑?

” Very good initiative”


” Nigeria is a dumping ground. Anybody is free to exhibit madness to the detriment of the gullible populace. Ghana has taken the lead, I hope Nigeria will take a cue. ”

” Nigerians police will not learn now”

” This one sweet me die”

Do you think such a law shouldn’ t have been implemented by the Inspector General of the Ghana Police Service?


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