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Junaid Mohammed Attack on Osinbajo, A Hoax – South East Youths

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By Goodluck Ibem, General President, COSEYL

The verbal attack of vice president of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo by a second republic lawmaker Dr. Junaid Mohammed of being tribalistic when president Buhari traveled to London for his medical treatment and handed over some responsibility to Osinbajo as untrue and a hoax. He discharged his duties according to the Constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria. Osinbajo is a gentle man and well read , he will never over step his bound.

Rather than thank Osinbajo for a job well done , the only thing that Junaid Mohammed will do is to attack an innocent man who did a good job worthy of emulation . When Mr. President Came back from his medical treatment he was very happy with Osinbajo’s role during his absence and thanked him gracefully for a job well done.

Junaid doesn’t know the dynamics of governance that is the reason he is insulting himself and not the vice president . Junaid is out to distract him from performing his constitutional duties.

People like Junaid want president Buhari to fail, that is why he is attacking vice president Osinbajo. The president and his vice are a perfect match and they have been getting along peaceful and people like Junaid are not happy that the country is making progress by their cooperation and cohesion.

Junaid vituperation against Osinbajo clearly shows that, he is an agent of intolerance and hatred and we will not allow him to negatively influence impressionable hearts and minds. He is a clog in our wheel of progress.

Since the return to democracy in 1999 , Buhari and Osinbajo have been the most peaceful president and vice president. We commend them for just feet.

The statement by Junaid against Osinbajo is just to get undue attention from some quarters and also to distract the vice president from serious government business especially now that the country is facing some economic challenges and requires seriousness and commitment to service which Junaid is not aware.

Now the country needs eggs heads to proffer lasting solutions to the current economic issues and the only solution Junaid has to offer is to attack Osinbajo saying he is tribalistic. How does that hoax help us to fix our economy or better the life of ordinary Nigerians. Junaid should go to sleep if he has nothing serious to say.

The vice president Osinbajo have been very loyal and supportive to this administration and he has proof it beyond every reasonable doubt. He is a leader that has built Bridges for national progress.
We call on the vice president to disregard the unguided comment of Junaid Mohammed made out of ignorance of the dynamics of government and concentrate on his duties of moving the country forward for the betterment all and sundry.

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