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JUNGLE JUSTICE!! In Benue As Mob Burn Man Alive For Attempting To Stealing A Motorcycle

According to a report we received, an angry mob have reportedly burned a young man alive after he allegedly attempted to steal a motorcycle. It was gathered that the mob made up of commercial motorcycle riders, some traders, passerby’ s, street urchins and area boy’ s reportedly descended on the man and beat him to the pulp, before going on to set him on fire.

According to a brief eyewitness account we managed to gather from a person who was on the scene when the entire incident happened, it was gathered that the thief who was in his thirties was caught while he was trying to unlock and steal a motorcycle, which had just been parked by the owner who was not too far away.


It was gathered that the thief was caught red handed in the very act of stealing the motorbike and alarm was raised immediately which drew the attention of many people, it was also gathered that although the thief later abandoned the motorcycle and tried to escape, he was however chased down and apprehended by youths and other commercial motorcyclists who cordoned all his escape routes.

The suspect was reportedly apprehended and he was reportedly beaten to the pulp until he later lost consciousness and passed out, after beating him, some members of the mob who were not yet satisfied with the punishment they had given to the thief, later brought rubber car tyres and petrol with which they used to burn the thief alive.

It was gathered that the thief was burnt to death many members of the mob who reportedly stood and made sure he was consumed to death by the flame, and it was gathered that by the time the police could get to the scene the did had already been done.


The incident reportedly happened Akpehe road, around Wurukum market area of Makurdi the capital city of Benue state. We were however unable to ascertain the name of the thief or his full identity.

It was gathered that several similar incidents of stealing and snatching of motorcycles had become rampant in the community over the past couple of months now.

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