JUST IN: 2 Reportedly Died Mysteriously At Refinery Junction

It was reported earlier Yesterday that two persons died in a strange circumstances at the Refinery Junction Axis of Eleme Local Government Area.

It was disclosed by a source that a woman in her 60s, slumped and died after she alighted from a commercial vehicle in Eleme.

Again, it was also Reported by same source, that an elderly man who is about 70 years old, reportedly dropped dead as he disembarked from a commercial vehicle that brought him from Bori.

It was still unclear on how everything happens, as no one can say what is truely responsible for their sudden death, and if they are in anyway connected.

According to reports, the son of the 70 years old man, through the connection of his fathers phone, he was contacted, and he later came with sympathisers and took the corps away.

However, the son of the deceased detailed that his father went to the bank to withdraw money.

As at the time of filing this report, no one had come forward to identify the deceased woman or take her corpse away several hours after she dropped dead.


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