Just 6 Months I asked A Man To Give Me Time to Think on his Proposal, He Married Another Girl – Lady

No matter how deserate a lady may be to get married, one thing they try to avoid is modern day slavery in disguise to that of olden days that people are seen on chains.

Some men still have this mentality that once they get married to a woman, she has to change her son, cut off most of her male friends, he regulates who calls her and takes absolute control of whatever she does.

No doubt, they will promise and still strive to get the woman whatever she needs that’s necessary, but they take absolutely dominance of everything the lady does. This is what most women of today see as modern day slavery and when such kind of husband comes, they tend to delay it for a while to see if truly it is what or who they want.

A lady by name Vero took to a group on Facebook to narrate her own ordeal with a man that promised her marriage.

According to her, the man promised her virtually everything but she had to let go of her old lifestyle, friends, change her sim for a new one amongst other things.

These she looked at and being filled with skepticism, she decided to but time for herself to see if he’s truly the man for her. 6 months later, she checked back and discovered the man is married already.

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