Just Be Honest If A Girl Asks You These 3 Questions, Maybe She Likes You Too.




There is nothing better than knowing someone before going into a relationship with them. A girl understanding this won’t mind asking you a few questions if you’re asking her to date you. For instance, the questions below.

(1). Do you easily get angry? What are some things you feel will easily bring misunderstanding between you and a partner? Remember, you are just getting to know her, so just be honest so that if she later agrees to date you, she will know your real likes and dislikes.

(2). What are your biggest fears about relationships? Tell her you don’t know, that it depends on the girl. Because what you might see as a big deal, if a girl it’s on your side with her whole heart, it’s a minor issue.





(3). “Would you say that you are more dominant or submissive?” in questions like this, a girl might want to know if you’re a guy who would listen to her in a relationship. So, all you have to say is that an individual can not form a relationship, so you don’t see a reason why a guy would not compromise. This will sound pleasant to her. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

There are no benefits in trying to be someone you are not to make a girl like you. If a girl likes you for who you are, that is the best thing.

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