JUST IN! ! Panel Orders Buhari To Apologise; Do These To Soldiers That Shot At Lekki


The Lagos State Judicial Commission to Investigate Compensation for Victims of Abuse and Other Problems Related to SARS has asked the federal government led by President Muhammadu Buhari to publicly apologize to the youth for using state agents to stage the ENDSARS rally which ended abruptly in 2020 submitted its report to Governor Babajide Sanwo- Olu on Monday, stating that the deployment of the army at the Lekki toll booth on October 20 without reports of violence was totally unjustified.

EndSARS is a decentralized social movement and a series of mass protests against police brutality in Nigeria. This movement gained momentum in October 2020 when protesters called for the dissolution of the Special Anti- Theft Squad (SARS), a notorious Nigerian police force with a long history of abuse cases.

The jury also recommended that all Nigerian Army officers (except Major General Omata) and soldiers stationed at Lekki Toll Gate on October 20 should take appropriate disciplinary action, disqualify and fire for failure to do so. fit and appropriate to serve in a public or national security service.

The panel also recommended disciplinary action against the following officers (Lt. Col. SO Bello and Maj. Gen. Godwin Umelo) who refused to comply with requests by the panel to thwart the investigation. He added that the Nigerian army was not encouraged to interfere with internal security. The group also called for prosecution of the DPO of the Moroccan Police Department together with the officers dispatched by the Moroccan Police Department on October 20th and 21st for the indiscriminate and indiscriminate killing of demonstrators.

The panel, which listed 48 victims of the shooting at Lekki, recommended that anyone arrested during the protest be released on bail and prosecuted for any criminal offense. Inquiries will be released immediately. At the unveiling of a memorial for the dead and injured at the Lekki toll station with the engraved name, the council called for the square to be renamed the ENDSARS toll station.

The commission recommending hospitals to treat accident victims free of charge in order to receive special rewards from Lagos State and the federal government has urged the state government to honor its obligation to pay hospital bills for those affected. End of the SARS protest. The panel also recommended adequate funding, equipment and police retraining, and urged the public to use social media with caution.

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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