JUST IN! Vice President, Osinbajo Debunks Rumor, Says He Has Nothing With Collapsed Ikoyi Building


Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, SAN, has reacted to the rumor which claims that he owns the land on which the collapsed Ikoyi building was built. According to him, he said that he does not own the ground on which the Ikoyi building collapsed.


Osinbajo termed the situation as a tragic tragedy, expressing his condolences to all those murdered, injured, or harmed in the collapsed building under construction on Gerrard Road in Ikoyi.


In response to claims that the land was sold to him by Chief Michael Ade Ojo, Chairman of Elizade Motors, and that he intervened with Lagos State regulatory authorities to have the property unsealed, Osinbajo stated that he has never been involved in the development of any land since becoming Vice President.


” He never unsealed the land which the collapsed building was built on or any other piece of land from Chief Michael Ade Ojo, or anyone for that matter, ” according to a statement from Osinbajo’ s Senior Special Assistant on Media & Publicity.

” The assets and property of Vice President have been made public. In addition, the Vice President has never discussed with the Governor of Lagos State or any other officer of the State Government the unsealing of the aforementioned building.


Osinbajo declared, ” I have no investment in the property, the building, or the development, and I’ ve never had any interest in the land, the building, or the development. ”

According to the statement, ” the wickedness and viciousness of a lie that seeks to exploit a tragedy in which so many people have died, even as rescue efforts continue. It is pertinent that correct information concerning the investigation is being disseminated and not false rumors. The Vice President went on to say that he had informed his lawyers about the ” disgraceful” publication and that legal action will be taken as soon as possible. And as such, the general public should desist from spreading the lie onward.

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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