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JUST IN: The Moment Soldiers Beat Policemen Extorting Money From People (Watch Video)

A group of policemen who were extorting money from petty traders, motorcyclists and motorists on Aba Road, Abia State learnt the hard way in the hands of Nigerian soldiers.

On this fateful day, soldiers who got a wind of the nefarious activities of the police officers stormed the roadblock they constructed and physically assaulted them.

A policeman caught redhanded had to take to his heels after being hit multiple times by a furious soldier. The policemen were forced to make refunds to their victims at the same spot.

The actual date the incident took place remains unknown but the video has enjoyed massive reviews on social media.

The video is surfacing at a time when the Nigeria Police Force is suffering from an acute deficiency problem in the area of public trust.

The EndSARS protests have been targeted at a reformation of the police force with youths making their voices heard.

Watch the interesting short video clip below:

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