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Kambwili’s Followers wants Him to stand in 2026 as presidential candidate

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Kambwili’s Followers wants Him to stand in 2026 as presidential candidate

CHISHIMBA Kambwili will stand as presidential candidate in 2026 whether on the Patriotic Front (PF) ticket or not because this party is now taking us for granted, his followers have vowed.

Yesterday, the PF held a Central Committee meeting where Members of the Central Committee (MCC) rose to 72 after 16 new members were added in direct contravention of their own constitution.

This is seen as a ploy to alienate Mr. Kambwili who has had a brush with some senior party leaders. Mr. Kambwili has not only been excluded from many party activities but has also allegedly been blocked from meeting former party president Edgar Lungu and has only been reduced to escorting party members to police stations when they have cases.

And speaking to The Scoop in a voice note, one of Mr. Kambwili’s ardent followers, Rubius Mwila, says the PF is on a path to self –destruction going by unilateral decisions by acting president Given Lubinda.

Ms. Mwila insists that whether the PF likes it or not, Mr. Kambwili will contest as presidential candidate in 2026 either on the PF ticket or another party.

“If it means CK forming a new party, let it be so. The truth is that CK is standing as a presidential candidate whether on the PF ticket or on another party. The PF in its current state has no voice. They know that when CK speaks, people listen but there is no leader among them.

“The UPND knows that there is no leadership in the PF and this is why baletudelela. How can leaders say we are rebranding the party yet abrogating the very constitution that they are supposed to uphold all because of hatred for one person? Ba Kambwili, let us work. We are tired of this mediocrity from PF leaders,” Ms. Mwila said.

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