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Keke Palmer calls out homophobes as she mourns man who committed suicide after being bullied for dating a trans woman


Keke Palmer has called out homophobes after a young man committed suicide because he was being bullied for dating a transwoman.

Maurice Willoughby, aka Reese Him Daddie, proudly showed off his girlfriend – a transgender woman named Faith – on Facebook but he received backlash for it (read here). The humiliation and bullying he suffered as a result of who he loved continued and he took his life.

Keke Palmer, angered by the cruelty Reese suffered from homophobic people, took to Instagram to address homophobia and lack of tolerance for other people’s choices. She also used the opportunity to mourn Reese and console his family.

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She wrote: “I wish half these dudes out here were as real as Reese was. I’m truly so sad in my heart.

“So often are people afraid to stand in their truth and when they do they are shamed and crucified for it. I truly don’t understand what makes people so “afraid” or hateful towards another person minding their business and living their life. God forbid they protect what they care about, God forbid they are secure enough to hold on to the things they love and care about.

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“Forget about who somebody sleep with, what about being a good human being? Why is being a good human being not enough to respect someone for? Why do we create these societal standards that no one can live by and dismiss the most important things? Like being loving and being kind.

“You shame someone for loving who they want to love but you don’t shame your damn self for being judgmental and cruel. People really need to stop projecting their inability to be themselves on to others that CAN!

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“Rest In Peace Reese(Maurice Willoughby), you didn’t deserve this. God bless your family — and TBH, I think I’m more furious and pissed about this than I am sad.”

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