Kenyan Woman Who People Contribute And Build House For Goes Back To Her Mud House
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Kenyan Woman Who People Contribute and Build House for goes back to Her Mud House

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Kenyan Woman Who People Contribute and Build House for goes back to Her Mud House

Well-wishers who helped a Kenyan woman move from a mud-walled house after building her a multi-bedroomed permanent house have been left in confusion after she rejected the gift.

Wanjiku and her children who were living in dilapidated conditions were gifted a new house by well-wishers who were mobilised by DJ Macdee on his social media platforms.

However, a few days ago, DJ Macdee announced that Wanjiku had relocated back to her old shanty after living in the new house for a few weeks.

Macdee, who is also the Kameme TV DJ, said he tried seeking an explanation from the woman on why she had left behind the beautiful home and moved back to her mud-walled house.

“When I asked her, she said she wanted her daughter to continue studying in her old school and they would return to the new house once her girl sat for her national exams,” he said.

However, after the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education was completed, the mother did not return to the house and she even turned off her phone to evade the questions from the well-wishers.

The beautiful house has since remained unoccupied as DJ Macdee and other well-wishers try to figure out the reasons Wanjiku abandoned the new hour for the muddy one.

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