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He Kept Beating Me Till His Neighbors Came To My Rescue – Nigerian Lady Cries Out

A Nigerian lady has cried out on social media after she was abused by her boyfriend. This Nigerian lady whose username is “Baby Influencer Bena” said that she has never thought she would be a victim of domestic violence in her life.

She explained that she had a misunderstanding with her boyfriend and she tried her best to allow peace to reign so that the relationship would work but her boyfriend chosed to be violent. She said that her boyfriend pushed her so she pushed him back and then her boyfriend started beating her.

She further explained that she fell down and she tried to remove the blindfold so she could find her way but her boyfriend kept beating her and he even straggled her against the WC in the toilet until it broke.

She noted that her boyfriend went to the police station to report that he was physically assaulted and followed it with bullying her at the police station. She also said that her boyfriend tried to manipulate the event despite the fact that his neighbors saved her from him.


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