Kiambu Man Becomes Mad After Snatching Pastor’s Wife And Having Sex With Her - Mc Ebisco Kiambu Man Becomes Mad After Snatching Pastor’s Wife And Having Sex With Her - Mc Ebisco
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Kiambu Man Becomes Mad After Snatching Pastor’s Wife And Having Sex With Her

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A Kiambu pastor started suspecting his wife of cheating on him after she started coming home
late and also refused to have sex with him. She would abuse him all the time and refuse to
perform other wifely duties for him. He would get hurt all the time and he even tried talking to
his wife to change her ways but she did not.

It is not until few weeks ago he came across some dirty texts in his wife’s phone which she was
having with her mpango wa kando. After the pastor investigated, he found out the identity of the
man who was having sex with his wife behind his back. He personally went to the man’s house
and told him to stay away from his wife but the mpango wa kando was such a hard headed man
who swore to the pastor that he would not stop screwing his wife.

He took advantage of the pastor because he thought that there was nothing he would do to him.
The pastor went home so hurt and called some of his friends who after they heard his
predicament, they told him to teach the man a lesson by visiting Doctor Mugwenu who could use
his spell casting powers to save his marriage.

They sent him the doctor’s contact which was 0740637248 and he called daktari who gave him
an appointment a day after. After he went, the doctor cast a misery spell for his wife’s mpango
wa kando which would teach him a lesson for sleeping with his wife. A day later, he got reports
that the man had run mad and was running up and down in the town naked and shouting that he
had an affair with the pastor’s wife.

His wife was also very scared after his lover got mad and begged the pastor to forgive her. The
mad man’s family came to the pastor and begged him to forgive the man for sleeping with his
wife. Doctor Mugwenu reversed the spell a week later and the man relocated to another place
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