Kiddwaya Talks About The Lady Trending Online As His Girlfriend

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Social media went up in flames yesterday when a video surfaced online about a girl who was Kiddwaya’s alleged girfriend. The whole situation really blew up into a fan war between Erica’s fans and other fan bases.

The video was uploaded by a pretty fair lady who some people said was more gorgeous than Erica. She captioned the video saying she is welcoming Kiddwaya back home and there was a short snippet in the video where it looked as if the two shared a kiss. View pictures in App save up to 80% data. During his interview today, Kiddwaya was asked to clear the air about the pretty lady he was seen in the video with, along with the rumour that he has a kid outside. He laughed and said both rumours are false.

Apparently the lady is his old friend, and they have been close ever since they were kids. He further said both their parents are also close, and he finds it funny that people think that you can’t be close with a lady because that is so not true.

He said they never kissed in the video, and it was only a peck on the cheek, and that he respects Erica so much, so he would never do that to her. He mentioned that he has called Erica on the phone, and they have talked at length, and also that they have decided to take things slow.

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