“What Kind Of Creature Is This?” – See The Mysterious Creature That Was Found In Philippines (Photos)

What kind of animal is this?. This world is full of so many animals and wonders. We wake up to see a new specie everyday. In the pictures below, you can see an unidentified creature that was discovered in Philippines by fishermen. This animal has a mysterious and scary

look, and it has so many unfamiliar features that make it look unsual and creepy.

The creature looks and has familiar features similar to a sea elephant (seal).It weighs thousands of pounds and has a little yellowish tusk like a baby elephant popping out of it’s nose.It’s head is flat and a bit long like a winter cap.It has two hands which enables it to swim.It is white in colour and it also has a tail to support his hands while swimming.

The mysterious creature found in Philippines also has a bit look like a pig.The animal attracted so many crowd

who wanted to see the look of the creature.It is yet to be identified as no one knows or have ever seen a sea creature like that before.

What do you think about this mysterious creature?.Have you ever seen it before or do you know the name?.

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