How To Know If A Church Girl Is In Love With You (Opinion)




In the world today, their a lot of single ladies with different likes, dislikes, character attitudes. That’s why, the way a normal girl Will fall in love with you will definitely different from the way a born again Christian (Church Girl) will do hers. In Nigerian Churches, a lot of guys always complain of not being able to know if a girl in church likes them or not.

But what most Christian guys don’t know is that, even the Sisters in church always fall in love but showing it out is what they always find very difficult to do and this is due to the religion. Some even chooses to do it in a coded way and only Christian brothers that are sharp could easily get to know. Well, if you are one of those Christian brothers that’s confused if a sister likes you or not, this is the right article for you because I’ll share with you some important things a sister would do whenever she start to fall in love with you.

  1. She’ll Start Inviting You To Programmes

Once a Christian sister starts inviting you to Christian programmes and it is becoming more consistent, it is probably a sign that she likes you and she wants the best for you. She might not tell you but it’s very important for you to know.





  1. She Often Stays Around You In Church

Although, she might be a serious worker in the church but once she is in love with you, most of her attention will be on you and She’ll always like to work in your section most especially when she is an usher in the church.

  1. She Will Often Keep Eyes Contact With You During Church Services

This is another thing that you should note. Once a girl likes you, keeping eyes contact with you won’t be a thing she will miss. She won’t just only stare at you but she’ll still smile whenever your eyes come in contact with hers.

  1. She’ll Start Keeping You Company

Whenever you notice that, a particular girl is trying to always make sure you ain’t bored or disturbed about anything, there is high tendency that, she is already in love with you. She will start calling you to know how you are doing and She’ll get to discuss personal matters with you.

  1. She will be comfortable when you touch her

it is not new again that most some church girls don’t shake neither do they hug. Some of them don’t even like it when an opposite gender touch them. But when she begins to fall in love with you, she will begin to feel comfortable when you touch her.

  1. She’ll Start Calling You For Prayer Meetings, Bible Studies and Even Vigil. A born again Christian girl that’s in love with will always want you to attend church services even during the week, so She’ll start calling just to remind you and that’s in bid to see you as well.

With these Six points that I have listed out, you should be able to know if a church girl likes you or not because she will definitely get to do at least 4 out of these points I have mentioned. It will now be left in your hands to shot your shoot.

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