How To Know If Your Female Friend Is Falling For You

Maybe, if your female friend starts giving you some certain signs it is possible that she likes you as more than just a friend. You can observe her character in order to know if your female friend is falling for you. She won’t tell you that she loves you, but she will be giving you signals.

Here are the signs to know if your female friend is falling for you.

1. The girl tries to get your attention:

She will try to get your attention much more than a friend would and ask you so many questions. The girl will always seek your attention, and she will be doing a lot of things that will draw your attention.

2. She smiles and laughs around you a lot:

She would like to be with you because she enjoys your company and feels relaxed whenever she is around you. The girl will always smile when you are talking to her, and she will laugh at your jokes.

3. The girl says your name a lot:

A girl that doesn’t have interest in you won’t be saying your name a lot, but a girl that loves you will always be thinking about you and be telling her friends about you and when she is talking to you, she will always be saying your name a lot.

This is because your name has been on the tip of her tongue, and it is a sign that shows that your female friend is falling for you.

4. She touches you a lot and focused on you:

Maybe, when your female friend is into you, she will touch you a lot. She will always like to sit next to you even when you are in the public, and she might even rest her head on your shoulder and also talk to you when you are in a group. It is a sign that your female friend really loves you.

Maybe, when your female friend is giving you these signs she is falling for you.

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