How To Know A Girl Is Secretly In Love With You But Don't Know How To Tell You - Mc Ebisco How To Know A Girl Is Secretly In Love With You But Don't Know How To Tell You - Mc Ebisco

How To Know A Girl Is Secretly In Love With You But Don’t Know How To Tell You

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When girls have feelings for guys, they usually keep it hidden and find it hard to express their feelings. They can find it embarrassing and at the same time see it as a difficult task.

You can’t expect a girl that has feelings for you to come straight to you and then express her feelings. Even if she is tempted to do so, she will be discouraged because she doesn’t want to look cheap or been seen as a girl that doesn’t have self-respect.

Below are 3 signs a girl will show when she is secretly in love with you but don’t know how to tell you.

  1. She gives you meaningful gifts.

In our society today, for a girl to present a meaningful gift to a guy, it means the guy is important and special to her.

Also, a girl that secretly loves you will never find it hard to present you with a meaningful gift. She will always make sure the gift she is giving you is one of the best you can ever receive from anyone. When you notice a girl is like this to you, it could be because she has feelings for you. It will be rare to see a girl that has no interest in you giving a meaningful gift.

  1. She wants to spend most of her time with you.

Another way you can get to know a girl has feelings for is when you notice she is trying to spend most of her time with you. If a girl chooses to spend her free period with you, just know it is because she likes you. No girl will want to spend her time with a guy that she doesn’t love, she will find it irritating. If she tells you she likes your company and wishes to spend more time with you, it is not because of anything, it is because she loves you. Once a girl starts spending quality time with you and all she does when she is free is to come to your place, just know she loves you.

  1. If she gives you more of her attention.

A girl that loves you will always want to be at your service and she won’t hesitate to attend to you. She won’t be late to reply to your texts, and she will even be the first to text you. She will make sure she is available for you even if she has to inconvenience herself.

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