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How To Know Your Lover Is Fake, He Doesn’t Love You

How to know your lover is fake, he doesn’t love you.

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Having a fake lover who you truly love can be frustrating, nobody want to end up with a fake lover who pretend to love just for selfish interest, playing and gambling with someone heart and feels signs of fake lover.

Fake relationships are the types I should define as ones without satisfaction. If you are in a relationship and you are not enjoying your partner. It’s good to be a bit blind in love, but do not be stupid because it might lead to an abusive relationship if not fake relationships.

Being in a fake relationship worsen than anything, have ask yourself – what doing with this fake man?
Love not fake, true love is not fake and marriage shouldn’t base on fake things, build relationship with good intentions and love.

1. He treats everyone else badly
You may have to look beyond your family and circle of friends because narcissists can fake sincerity to a degree. What they cannot do, however, is be nice to everyone they’ve ever met. Way too much method acting there and not within his abilities. After if he was capable of being nice to everyone he wouldn’t be a narcissist.
There’s a very good chance he has plenty of disgruntled friends, enemies, exes and acquaintances he double-crossed. Go get the real story from them.
Love bombing is very real. Remember his offerings are not always gifts and grand romantic gestures either. Sometimes love bombing can include flirting, teasing and giving you lots of attention. Just be aware that something that seems so wonderful and perfect is usually too good to be true. Perfection is impossible and real love is earned over time. Don’t let a man trick you into bed or into spending away your resources simply because he caught you at a vulnerable time.
Work on your own self-confidence and then analyze the relationship as it progresses. Real love is patient and it will only grow over time. Narcissists and players, like a storm, will pass over you quickly.

2. Your partner knows very little about you and you hardly have a serious discussion
When your man has never visited your parents, knows nothing about your siblings, cares less about your birthday, all these are bad signs. On the other hand, it can even be worse if you never have discussions about future plans like building a life together, having kids, building a house and so on, and your attention is towards watching movies only, talking about the latest music, that man does not love you at all. He is in for something else.

3. He never calls you during the day
If he always calls you at night and with the only intention for you to come over, then he is not really in love with you, he only wants your body.
A caring boyfriend will call you all the time, and often just to check on you, because he genuinely cares if you had lunch or if you got tired of work. The guy who calls you only on the weekend or late at night is not for you unless you just want to be a hookup; then it’s fine, so keep seeing him after dark.
But if you want a real relationship, real love, and real feelings in your life, it’s time you give up on him.

4. He is not integrating you into his social circles
He is not interested in a real relationship with you, so there is no need for you to meet his friends anyway. A guy who is serious about you will be proud to introduce you to everyone you two come across.
If your guy always introduces you as just a friend or doesn’t introduce you at all, then it’s an obvious sign that he couldn’t care less about you. You’re just a hookup he’d rather keep in the dark.

5. Only S ex ual pleasures only what hold you guys together
When you guy only wants you to go see him and you stay the whole day in bed together and you don’t go out for a walk or visit a place, then his interest is only that.

6. The one who never is around
You have to wait for his answer for hours; He will never pick your phone and call you back whenever he wants to. You do not have to be with someone that you consider to be selfish. Forget to feel special and loved; He’s not even there if you need him most. He will call you when he wants you. He will make plans without talking to you. Why do you need this guy, just dump him?

7. The flirting Type
He is handsome and oh so charming. He knows how to make you fall for him. Yes, before the flirt is getting dating many girls and then choosing the best options. You can never expect to be a priority with this man. If he is free on Friday night, he will call you. However, if he has better options, he will come up with some apologies. It is difficult for girls to resist those sweeter-than-honey words and sparkling eyes. He’s just going to play with you until he’s bored. So you’re just wasting your time.

8. The Liar
This type of guy is a compulsive liar. Also, he will lie about his relationships, career, salary, home or car. He just wants to sketch a rosy image of his perfect life to impress you. Once you fall for him, little moment to enjoy with him, and you will realize that he is not the man for which you fell, even not close. Whatever the reason is, lying is not cool. The fact is that you don’t deserve such guy.

8. True love is loyal; fake love is a cheater
True love has a strong commitment to you. It will avoid temptations and will never try to cheat on you. On the other hand, fake love is always and will always be a cheater.

9. True love protects; fake love hurts
True love may give you pain, but it always protects you from anything that will make you suffer in the long run. It will defend you from things that will corrupt you. It will shield your relationship against things that will hinder its growth. On the other hand, fake love will give you false satisfaction, which only lasts for a short time. Eventually, it will give you a toxic relationship and destroy you as a person.

10. True love makes sacrifices; fake love is only concern of itself
True love is selfless. Though it doesn’t neglect itself, it is ready to make big sacrifices just to make someone truly happy. On the other hand, fake love is selfish, as it only cares for itself.

11. He doesn’t care you and about your life
Lack of cares big sign he doesn’t feel something special for you, when someone is real, they’ll care about you and be there for you.

12. When someone start giving you attitude
Attitude has a lot to show you, if you watch closely you will understand everything through their attitude, look deeply into their life – how they treat you, you’ll find whether they’re fake lover.

13. You don’t know much about your partner
Your partner is hiding a lot about his life and family, he doesn’t want you to know much about anything you suppose know about him, when someone not letting you know more about them, there’s big chance they’re fake.


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