How To Know The Right Lady To Marry

To Know The Right Lady To Marry Takes A Lot Of Observations, Sacrifice, Understand,God Wisdom And The Power Of The Holy spirit For Adequate Direction.

Ladies Sometimes Are Unpredictable Because You May think As A Guy You Are The One Their Going to End Up With And By the Time Of Marriage they Finally End Up With Another Man.


This Are Way to Know The Right Lady You Should Marry:

1 – The First thing To Do Is To Committee that Lady In the Hands of God and Keep Praying Over It Because the Moment You Marry Her You Have Make A Covenant With God Which You Can’t Go Back.Never Pick A Wife Through Physical Means Or By your Thoughts, Feelings Or Emotions.You Have To Be Directed By the Holy Spirit Comfirming The lady Your Heart Choose is the Right Woman For You.

That The Best Way To Know The Right Lady or Woman To Marry Trying Other Way Might not be Secured As that of which God Ordained For You.The Love Of God Last Forever And Ever more.


Am Sure This Article Will be Useful For Every Individual Who Hope To Marry The Right Lady or Woman.


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