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Do You Know Why Students Fear Examinations?

Despite the fact that the success of every student is attached to the performance in tests and Examinations, most students never want to hear the name exam. No matter how good and intelligent a student can be, he/she must show a sign of fear whenever exam comes.

Examination is the only tool of evaluation to determine how well a student has been impacted. For a student to leave a level for another, examination must be done. In fact, there cannot be any certificate without examination.

If examinations is this important, why are Students fearful of it? Why do they detest examination so much?

  1. Lack of self confidence: Yes a student may be good to the point of the acknowledgement of every teacher or lecturer, but inside of him/her there is always a great deal of fear during exams. Not until the result is released.

  2. Inability to predict the area of concentration: One very thing that places a serious pressure on every student is the fact that they cannot preempt, the topics or aspect the questions would focus. Every good student would only read as he/she deems fit.

  3. Poor preparation: This really concerns the lazy students. They will not come for lectures, if at all they come, they won’t listen. Most students don’t have time for reading. Definitely, when exam comes, they become fearful and disturbed.

  4. Another cause of fear during examinations is lack of trust. Students do not trust the examiners. They believe the examiners could be partial or bias in their marking.

There cannot be promotion without examinations. Whenever examination comes students should know that the time to move forward as come, which is only determined by the examination’s result.

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