How To Know That A Woman Likes You

When a woman or a girl likes a boy their are little but obvious signs that are shown ….so with this little ways you will easily understand when a girl loves you


When a woman loves she will always smile when ever she sees you and will always smile to what ever you say or do …she will always say things that will make you to respond to her or rather notice her..

(2) comfortable

A woman who loves you will always be comfortable where ever you are and will always pray for you to be close …she will want to know more about you…

(3) question

When a girl loves you she will always ask questions about you and will want you to give her mind blowing answers..

She might ask questions like .are you single ,who’s your first love …..some might go far to the extent of knowing who your family are ….

(4)your name

This is the most crazy part cause my women or girls today do fall in love with boys who have fine names which they could brag about in public and also feel cool while calling…that’s weird right but don’t bother not all girls are the same

(5) attitude

A girl who loves you might be showing some naughty but nice attitude towards you because you are not noticing her or probably because she don’t want you to be taken away by another woman …

I hope with this little tips you will understand what girls do when they love a guy ….thou not all girl show the same character but a close watch will save the day ..


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