KUDOS TO NIGERIAN POLICE! See The Good Things They Did In Zamfara And Abuja

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The Zamfara State Police Command has recovered four students from Government Day Secondary School, Birnin Yero, in the Shinkafi Local Government Area of the state, who were kidnapped while taking the West African Senior School Certificate exam.

Along with the pupils, 20 other kidnapped victims were recovered.

On November 22, 2021, about 7 p. m. , policemen deployed in the Shinkafi region acted on intelligence and rescued the four students together with the other victims, Commissioner of Police Ayuba Elkana told journalists on Tuesday.

” The victims were held captive for 60 days before being rescued.

The official says that ” they’ ll be medically examined and debriefed by the police before being handed over to the state administration to be reunited with their families. ”

Alhaji Ibrahim Dosara, the state Commissioner for Information, praised the state police command for combating bandits in the state.

The Federal Capital Territory Police Command has detained two people impersonating police officials from the defunct Special Anti- Robbery Squad.

PUNCH According to Metro, the imposters went to a relaxation center in the FCT’ s Iddo region to arrest a University of Abuja student suspected of being an Internet fraudster.

According to our source, the imposters wanted N1 million in exchange for the suspect’ s release and threatened to keep him in the Iddo Police Station if he did not agree.

One of the suspect’ s acquaintances called the police station and found the men were imposters, according to an eyewitness who requested anonymity.

On Saturday night, the phony officers came to AB Chillies in Iddo to arrest a student, he stated. They claimed to be members of the Special Anti- Robbery Squad.

One of the most stunning aspects of this arrest was that they arrived with photographs of the person they sought to apprehend. After all the excitement, they wanted N1m to release him or arrest and imprison him at the Iddo Police Station. He was accused of being an Internet con artist. They threatened to put him in jail if he did not cooperate.

When one of his buddies, who was with him and was familiar with the station, learned that they were from Iddo, he called so that individuals he knew could speak with them.

” He asked if they knew the cops, and the person he spoke with begged him to find out for a few minutes. ” He called back after a few minutes and claimed he didn’ t know anyone at the station with those names. After that, they arrived to arrest them.

DSP Josephine Adeh, a spokesperson for the FCT police, verified the event.

However, she stated that the situation was still being investigated.

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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